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Paripatus,  by   ADAM   SBJOGWIOK,   M.A.,   F.B.S.;   Hyziapods,  by   F.  G.

SINCLAIR, M.A. ; Insects, Part I., Introduction, Aptera, Orfchoptera,
Neuroptera, and a portion of Hymemoptera (Sessiliventres and
Parasitica), by DAVID SHARP, M.A., M.B., F.R.S.

Prof. RAPHAEL MELX>OLA, F.R.S., F.O.S., in Ms Presidential Address to the
Entomological Society of London, said :—" The authors of this volume are certainly
to be congratulated upon having furnished such a valuable contribution to our
literature. "When its successor appears, and I will venture to express the hope that
this will be at no very distant period, we shall be in possession of a treatise on the
natural history of insects which, from the point of view of the general reader, will
compare most favourably with any similar work that has been published in the
English language."


Hymenoptera    (continued)    (Tubulifera    and    Acnleata),    Colaoptera,
Strepsiptora,  Lepidoptera,  Biptera, Aplmniptera, TJiysanoptera,
Hemiptera, Anoplura, by DAVID SHARP, M.A., M.B., P.B.S.
SATURDAY REVIEW,—Je Dr. Sharp's treatment is altogether worthy of the

series and of his own high scientific reputation. .  , -  Certainly this is a book that

should be in every entomologist's library."


Hemicliordata, by Sir S. F. HABMSR, K.B.E., 8c.D., F.RS.; Ascidiaas and
Amphioxns, by W. A. HE RDM AN, D.Sc., F.B.S.; Fishes (exclusive
of tae Systematic Account of Teleostei), by T, W. BIUDQE, Sc.D.,
F.R.S.; Fisnes (Systematie Account of Teleostei), by G. A.


.—<e All who take a serious Interest in the advance of ichthyology
will find this a fascinating book."
AmpMbia aoad Beptiles, by HANS GABOW, M.A., F.B.S.
NATURE-—** In concluding the review we would express the opinion that by
this handsome volume a very important addition, to science has been made ; that
the beautiful illustrations, together with the clear and charming accounts of the
life-histories which it contains, will do much to popularise the study of a rather
neglected section, of zoology ; and that lovers of Reptiles, of which there aro more
than one generally thinks, will feel that the new knowledge imparted to them
emanates from one who is thoroughly in sympathy with, their enthusiasm."
Birds, by A, H. EVANS, M.A.
IBIS.—^'Mr. .Evana has   produced   a  book  full of concentrated   essence  of*
information on birda, especially as regards their outer structure and habits, and
one that we can cordially recommend as  a work of reference to all students
of ornithology."
Mammalia, by FKAKK EVERS BEDDAED, M.A., F.B.S.
,• WAT17&E.—" Cannot fail to be of very high value to all students of the
Mammalia, especially from, the standpoints of morphology and palaeontology."